Thursday, September 25, 2008

BBRR New, Volume 1 - Year 3

Here we go. There have been lots and lots of “best”s and rottens till now. I can’t put all of them here together. So listing only the ones which are really active. The list will go through correction with all of your help and am sure to hit the right chord soon.

Bindaas Best

1. HDFC Standard Life – “Ye achchha idea hey”
Very simple idea, simple script, and all but natural expressions. Build around their concept “Sar utha ke jio”, the add takes the cake just because of the kid, with her untarnished expression and eyes that’s talk, asking questions with her eyes. I must congratulate the unit for capturing such an amazingly natural expression. Watch

2. Airtel – “Barriers break when people talk”
It’s been there for quite some time now. Though lots of others have come after this one, good as well as not so good, but since this one is still being aired, I could not help not putting it on the list. And it came to the top. Amazing thought, and made in super style. Just two words – “Hats off”. “Barriers break when people talk”. I am sure everyone has seen and admired this one, with two kids playing football in no mans land. Watch

3. Simply – Animated advert
Amazingly all the top three had the same points based on my evaluation. SO I have put this in this order based on my judgment. This one is one of the best animated advert I saw in recent times. But the best part of it is its jingle. Its so damn catchy. I even went to their site and wanted to have it as my ring tone. Unfortunately they are not available for CDMDA. If by any chance who knows how I can or tell them to make them make it available it will be fantafabulous. And the animation and concept, where a kiss from froggy turns the lady into a frog too is also amazing. Watch

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk – “Kenya jeet gaya”
Another great idea from the O&M team. Celebration doesn’t need any reason. And the end about the whereabouts of Kenya – “abhi to idhar tha, gaya hoga kidhar!” is simply superb. No need to say more. Watch

5. Idea Mobile – out of classroom teaching
There has been a series of advert starting with the idea. Its in the similar lines from Lowe where the cell number gave everyone a new identity away from the religion and cast. This one opens up everyone to education without boundaries. All of them are superb, though its might be a bit away from reality, the thought is definitely appreciable. Watch

6. Airtel – “Gift Kaisa laga?”
This one takes the cake for two attributes. The background score – haunting. And Raima, with her simplistic beauty and talking eyes. Looking so good in simple wet hair, and replying with eyes to her husbands query! Those eyes can talk. Watch

7. Malasiya - "Husband to friend in 8 days"
This one is a pretty new advert. Haven’t seen it too many times either; but this one is super. Pretty simple but not only strikes a chord but also connects with the service being promoted. Watch it to enjoy it. Watch

8. Max NY Life – Searching Sanju
Concern for near ones, apprehension and fear of a danger lurking and satisfaction of seeing the person safe. Nice one. And the end with Sanju claiming that his wife scared him – nice punch! Watch

9. Happydent White – Lights in Palace
Happydent builds on their concepts of “Chewing gum for sparkling teeth.” And sparkling teeth replacing lights. This one is taken to a grand stage. Nice build up and culmination. Watch

10. Tata Sky – Amir’s double role
Amir is without doubt the most effective celebrity face on small screen. No one has taken is so seriously and given so much touch of class. This one is a nice and new too. Though we have seen Amir in a number of new looks with coke, this one is different for two in one. Mmmmm, some how I liked the female Amir more than the male! Watch

Really Rottens

I guess the less I speak the better for these one. This one too was tough, as there are so much of garbage now a days, I really feel pity on seeing advertisers money going down River Kosi. So without further adieu, here is the list-

1. Parryware
I simply could not understand the connection, concept or even the need of the ad. The first one with kungfu was bad enough, and when I thought that’s just one aberration, they floods with a slew of similar ones. Parryware must love the sinks and commodes as they watch their money going out from there.

2. Colgate Active Salt
Do people in these agencies and manufacturers really believe that people will grab whatever shit they dish? Treating your teeth with salt and mustard oil in childhood must be an experience we all have shared, but this is a replacement? And an Aaj tak / India TV style TV journo barging in? Dunno if any one liked this one at all.

3. Toshiba
I always appreciated Vidya Baalan as someone who is intelligent and not a bimbo actress. But she bursts that myth. “My choice? This one”. This one? Why? Because it looks good? Because it was the first one you saw? Because it was the one nearest to you? Or does they want to mean that all are just the same piece of junk?

4. Head & Shoulders
He has done a few good ones. Like the one with his sis, for Asian Paints Royale Play. But are even the girls or the most ardent Saif fans were amused to see what’s there in Saifs head? And Karina? I guess the comparison with Karina with Dandruff might be liked by some.

5. Aegon Religare - KILB
As usual the brilliance of Irfan Khan managed to build up the suspence. But alas its not Hutch neither it’s the team from O&M. The team from Contract failed to capitalize the build up and it fizzled into a anti-climax.

6. Acer – Hrittik
Not a single one could make a mark. Hrittik was much better on bikes. Nether the tune nor the visual were appealing.

7. Dabur Honey – Desh Seva
I know AB sells. But am sure he fails to sell on TV. none of his adds has made any mark, apart from the Cadbuy – pappu pass ho gaya. Nor did this one. Its totally retard concept, linking desh seva with honey!

8. DOTS – Viviek Oberoi
One more celebrity and one more sad story. Social advertising is important, but does it always need a celebrity endorsement? No tang in script, no zing in concept. Pretty low in all aspects.

9. Asian Paints – Bangla Abhi Bhi Chamak Ria hey
I could not control my urge to point out there mistake. The previous one with “Chhote bahadur ka chamatkar” was exemplary. And this one is just diametrically opposite. The servant continuously say “Bangla abhi bhi chamak ria hey” with a very typical hindi dialect. But ends with “bngla abhi bhi chamak raha hey” poor editing and direction.

10. Nestle Munch – Munchpur under attack
Is this one for kids? All the other ones previously with Rani were bad but still tolerable. But a daku’s voice turning squeaky as soon as he enters munchpur? Sorry I couldn’t take it.

A host of others are left, as they failed to come to the top list. Some are pretty new like the Delhi half marathon, Tata Tea – “aap so rahe heyn”, Airtel’s – “papa drawing karna hey”, Union Bank of India, and specially Bates India’s one for AIG (papa, my first salary!). But I guess some have to wait, and some need your support. So help me, spread the news, vote and comment in dozens. And we can build a strong community of good ad lovers.

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