Monday, May 3, 2010

"Bhuley Bisre Geet - Part 2"

So as promised, here is one more lot of nostalgia. One of the first Indian TVC for detergents that presented a fresh new approach was from Surf. Lalitaji declaring why " Surf ki Kharidari me hi samajhdari hey!"

Bajaj has recently decided to stop production of scooters. And with that the Once status symbol for Indian middle class has become part of history. Looking at the commercial for "Hamara Bajaj" can only add to the memories of what used to be a prized possession for Indians till a decade back-

First of its kind, one of those TVCs parents never liked us to watch! Whereas the model enjoyed a cult status - being the Liril Girl was a complement many present day female bollywood stars fought for!

One more TVC that enjoyed a Cult status both on small and big screen, during the 80's and early 90s were of "Vicco" stable. The ayurvedic antiseptic always tried to keep its identity clear with "Vicco Turmeric - Nahi Cosmetic" and had a very long stint on the screens-

Am sorry to say, but I have been trying hard to compile the BBRR list. Unfortunately there are very few that has really caught my attention to be included in the list! Trying hard to come up with it soon !

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