Friday, March 19, 2010

Bhule Bisre Geet ?

Am sure there are millions around who are flooded with nostalgia as soon as they hear a familiar jingle of television commercials from their childhood. A familiar scene races them back to a date decades ago, and few must be having goosebumps as well!

Trying to share some of those classics over here:

Am sure some of us will have smile in face and mist in eyes watching this one:

There were so many little snippets, that people from all ages could relate to it! The couple at the departmental store with pregnant wife? The Uncleji not able to stop himself from kicking the ball? The dad embracing the pee-peeing newborn? And the ending sequence of joy of being able to gift a Dairy milk! Awesome! every bit of it !

.. and who can forget this one? Dabur Hajmola makes its entry!

When Dhara made entered the Indian market, the innocent "Jalebi?" and sacrificing "running away from home" for the sake of Jalebi became an synonymous with brand Dhara:

Image of Jayant Kriplani and solution for "Gale me khich khich.."? "Vicks ki Goli" of course; and so comes another iconic advert:

The list can be endless, and I already have a lot collected. I will keep on adding them here. For now, wanted to conclude in a melodious and elegant note - the enigmatic and irrepressible Lisa Ray gliding with Garden Vareli Saris, with a Jingle composed by none other than A. R Rehman!

Enjoy till the next issue:

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