Monday, April 11, 2011

Breaking Out : Summer of 2011

So the Summer of 2011 is here, and the TVC war is hotting up. There are so much to talk around... Just after the Cricket World Cup, its Anna - IPL and the Elections. There would be plenty to come. But the two new one which really got my attention are Nike cricket and Limca !

Nike was an extension of their Bleed Blue campaign. Though there were plenty of the same concept and genre in the past, this one has a peppy tune and speedy edits to make it look smart. may be also because anything cricket automatically touches a chord with us (me)!

The other one is Limca - always refreshing. Since last couple of years, the tune and the concept somehow never fails to refresh. This time around too, there was no surprise. Its new and yet brilliantly refreshing, tune n faces ! In absolute love with it -

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